Lullaby and Goodnight

I am soooo excited to announce that my husband and I are expecting a sweet baby girl in October! 🙂 Only 6 weeks to go and we are counting down the days until we finally get to meet her. We’re finally finished with the nursery. It’s been a lot of fun and I wanted to share it with y’all!

The rest of my house is more neutral with bold, earthy tones, so doing a bright pastel type baby room was WAY different than what I’m used to. It was really fun to get to play with a new color palette.

Being the crazy person that I am, I wanted to get started on the room ASAP. I didn’t even wait to find out if it was a boy or a girl before I chose the paint and put in on the wall. I decided that a turquoise wall color would be perfect and I could make that fit either gender. The color is Clark & Kensington – Bon Voyage. We knocked it out one Saturday with the windows open. It was cooler outside then, so it was nice! I’m glad we didn’t wait until August to do it.


Next, I knew I did not want a normal changing table. I had seen where many people: friends, fellow Pinterest-ers, etc. turned dressers into changing tables and I LOVED that idea. It seems way more functional for storage. I hunted for weeks for a dresser and finally found one at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store down the street from my house for $50! I knew it had potential, so I loaded it up and brought it home.


We sanded it all down and cleaned it up. We had some leftover mustard paint from when we did our master bathroom. So, we decided that would be a fun (and FREE) color to paint the changing table. Especially since it could go with a girl or a boy room.

IMG_9749 IMG_9750

We tried to clean the existing hardware really nicely. My husband had a great idea to soak them in this special acid to really make them shine. It was working great at first…and then the acid decided to eat away the handles. The hanging part of the handle was no longer attached to each piece of hardware. It looked like we were going to have to buy some new drawer pulls. Bummer. The downside to that was, when I was sanding, I did not sand the drawers deep enough – so the outline of the old handle was still very noticeable. I figured it did not matter since the same hardware was going back on. Only not. Oops. That’s when we got creative. There was no way I was re-sanding and repainting everything we had already done. I decided to use the back piece of the hardware and then mount new drawer pulls (pictured below) in the center – layered on top.


I really loved the way it turned out! The mess up with the handles actually made it that much better. It gave it a lot more character. The downside was that we had to throw an additional $50 in drawer pulls into the project. However, where could you buy a dresser like this for $100? Still a deal.


My parents offered to buy us a crib, so that was my next task. I searched online and had a really hard time finding one that I liked that wasn’t OUTRAGEOUS. I did not want one of the cribs that were higher in the back than the front. I wanted a simple crib with a little flare. I finally found this one online from Target. Love it! (Thanks Mom and Tommy)


I read online about bumpers and all the unnecessary extra crib bedding that can lead to SIDS, so I am just going with a fitted sheet and a dust ruffle/crib skirt. I may add the rail covers down the road…and perhaps a mesh bumper if little hands & feet start slipping through cracks…but nothing else right now.

This is pretty much where we stopped until we found out the gender. Colors so far: turquoise, mustard, and…..If it was a boy, my 3rd color was going to be red. If it was a girl, it was going to be coral. So, I had to wait until after my 18 week ultrasound appointment to find out what we were having before I could continue.

AND…WE’RE HAVING….A GIRL! Coral it is! I could finally start shopping again. 😉


As far as artwork above the crib goes, I was nervous about putting anything up that wasn’t securely fastened to studs in the wall. I opted for one large piece of wood that I “white washed” and wrote her name. This allowed me to drill lots and lots of holes into multiple studs throughout the entire piece of wood. A sumo wrestler can hang from that thing and it’s not coming out of the wall (hopefully). My friend gave me some old wooden chargers that she was throwing away. I decided that they might make cute “button” artwork, so I transformed those by painting them different colors in the palette. Then, I drilled four holes in the center of each, and threaded them to look like buttons. They are also drilled into studs on the wall. Side note: I found the crib skirt on Amazon, and the crib sheet online at Babies ‘R’ Us.


When we started Whitley’s nursery I was hell bent on not having some generic “Winnie The Pooh,” “Princess,” or any other character themed room of any kind. It’s just not my style. I wanted it to be eclectic and the theme to be a color scheme rather than a *thing*. So, I stuck with the turquoise, mustard, coral scheme as much as possible.

For the area above the changing table, I decided I wanted to do a wall collage. I scored a plastique mirror at an auction for $1.50 and I found some cute 12 x 12 artwork at the At Home store for really cheap. My mom had saved some pictures from my room as a child that we re-framed and matted them to go with the colors.


I found some coral colored blackout curtains on Amazon. I thought I could get away with one panel on each window with a tieback, but it still let in a lot of light. I was told by friends that I would want a second panel on each window to block out as much light and noise as possible. So, I followed their direction and ordered 2 more panels (even though I like the look of one on each window better) and 2 more tiebacks. P.S. The rocking horse pictured below was mine when I was a child – still in great condition. 🙂


My husband’s parents said they wanted to get us our rocker/glider, so we were on the prowl for months. I never knew they were so expensive! All the ones I looked at and really liked were upwards of $700 with the ottoman. That’s just crazy talk. I found a bunch that I liked, but I couldn’t bring myself to order them – especially without being able to sit in them first! Not to mention, I’m 5’10” and my husband is 6’4″ – it’s hard to find a chair that fits us correctly to begin with. I wouldn’t want to order one online just for it to get here and I can’t lay my head back on it… We went to Babies ‘R’ Us, Haverty’s, Rooms To Go, Baby Bloomers, EVERYWHERE! At least that’s what it seemed like.  We didn’t see any that we were 100% in love with.

A friend mentioned that if she ever had to go back and buy a rocker/glider again, she would just go get a La-Z-Boy. I was like LA-Z-BOY?! Genius! Why did we not think of that!? We went into their showroom, sat in a few different chairs, and found one that we loved. It fit us both nicely, and it was neutral (sort of a grey/brown) so it can be used in our living room after Whitley is no longer a baby! Plus it has a warranty that includes coverage for spills, bodily fluids, etc. (hello, baby) – so that gives us a nice peace of mind. I picked up a throw pillow to soften it up…and Voila! Perfection. The side table is from Amazon (Thanks Sheila), and the lamp and rug are from At Home.


Next, we built some bookshelves. We saw an idea for really simple ones on Pinterest and went with that basic concept. We altered the measurements a bit to fit our space and the wood we had on hand. They turned out to be one of my favorite things in the room. I scored the artwork from At Home, again, on the clearance rack for $15 – framed! It has a bunch of nursery rhyme characters, so I thought it was fitting for the reading area. 🙂


After we had our first shower, we realized just how many blankets we are probably going to have for Miss Whit – and blankets take up room! So, I found a simple plan for a blanket ladder on Pinterest. I thought it would be the perfect storage solution AND they would be easily one-armed accessible for those late night feedings.


Only one awkward wall left to deal with! We needed a place to put stuffed animals, etc. I picked up some simple shelves from Michael’s & painted them white and found a cool looking metal “W”. I also got some cheap canvas pictures from Ross.


It was all coming together! 🙂 All I needed was some bow/headband storage and some storage for all the diaper changing necessities. I used a pie rack for the diaper changing must haves, and I made a headband/bow holder out of clothespins and some old wood.


The closet is still a work-in-progress. I have decided to not even mess with that again until all the showers are over. We sure do appreciate all the goodies, though! 🙂


Here are some pictures of the nursery from a few different angles. We had a really great time putting it all together little by little. We hope you all enjoy taking a peek into Whitley’s room and we hope she loves it, too! 🙂




We’re so excited that it is finished. Now we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy without running around like crazy people trying to finish things. Now I can just focus on psychotically nesting and cleaning for a little while. 😀


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