A Closet Case

One of the selling points for me in our house was the closet in the master bedroom. It had a window! A window in a closet!? Sold. And there was so much space! Which meant more room for us to throw stuff places, basically.

I dreamt of having one of those amazing custom closets where everything had its place, but figured that would never happen unless I won the lottery. So, I was perfectly fine with the way the closet was. Here it is below in it’s horrible cluttered manner.


Sure, it was huge and it had a window, but it was kind of a disaster at all times. We just learned to shut the door.

My husband decided that he wanted to take on this project himself. I can’t say that I was fully on board with it; I had other things I wanted to do around the house first. However, I’m glad he did it, because I love it now.

He started by building a shelving unit that would house his folded shirts and have hanging space for pants in the bottom.


In the meantime, my job was to take EVERYTHING out of the closet and throw it in the guest room. You never realize just how much stuff is packed into a closet until you start unleashing it. Wow. I had the joy of digging through clothes on the guest bed everyday before work instead of strolling into my closet to pick out an outfit…

Anyway, after he was done building the first piece, I stained it, and we brought it upstairs to see how it worked in the closet.


I was still hesitant, but he insisted that it would be great. He said he could already visualize it. All I could visualize was the fact that it was going to take forever at the rate we were going and I would have to live out of the guest room for months. But that was just me being a Debbie downer in my head. I smiled and went along with it.

Before we went any further, we disassembled all the wire shelving and patched the holes in the walls. We also decided to paint the walls a color that matched the master bathroom. (Our room color scheme is mostly yellow and brown)

After that was finished, we proceeded with building the rest of the units that would make up the closet. We drew a plan: two corner units with doors, an area for hanging dresses, an area for folded shirts & pants, and plenty of overhead storage space. First on the list were the corner units.


We then attached all of the units firmly to studs in the walls and ran a metal bar between the two corner units.

His side:

My side:

Then we added another metal bar above the first one, and hung some clothes up to make sure the spacing worked between the two.


It stayed this way for a few weeks because this was proving to be a lot more work than we first anticipated. It was a lot of building and staining. We were losing steam. It was put together enough for most of my clothes to be hung back up, so it was less of a big deal to me. The outlook I had on the closet was not so good, though. I was beginning to think that it looked like a hot mess and it was better the other way…

After a break, we acquired some more steam to finish the project. It was time to add doors to the open corner units. Originally I wanted mirrors on the door fronts. After holding one up, I realized all it did was reflect clothes and make it look more cluttered. So, we opted against it.



All we needed to do now was add the hanging unit for my dresses, and a top shelf for storage above the hanging clothes.

We went to visit the in-laws during this process and they were getting rid of a bunch of shelves they used to use in their bedroom. We took them and used them for boot storage in the closet. I even had room to put my grandmother’s vanity in there instead of in the bedroom itself. It was all working out better than I had hoped for.


Of course, it is still going to look a bit cluttered. It is a closet after all. However, I will say it is a lot more functionally cluttered than it was before, thanks to the hub.



Everything has its place. No more searching through bins of boots to find a matching pair. No more getting frustrated with clothes piled on the floor. Sure, there are little things we would change about it – things that felt rushed and not quite done “right,” but that’s how we feel with everything. There’s always something we learned in the process that we know to do or not to do next time. We are always looking to better things.

In the end, it may not be one of those crazy expensive custom closets, but it works for us! We’re happy. 🙂


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