Masterfully Re-Decorated

When I picture a Master Bedroom, I picture an elegant, relaxing oasis that makes you feel secluded from your crazy world. It should be inviting and romantic. It shouldn’t feel cramped and cluttered.

When we first moved in, I purchased a new comforter and we painted the walls of our Master Bedroom. That was basically it. I gathered pillows and furniture I already had, and stuffed it in the room. Being that I only rented before this, nothing ever felt “permanent” and I didn’t care enough to make it feel that way in a place that wasn’t “mine.” But, this was OUR house, and I wanted to make it feel that way. I wanted it to reflect our style and who we are.

I got tired of looking at the set up below. It was not terrible, it was alright, but “alright” is not how I wanted my master bedroom. Time to get crackin’.

Master before

So, I started using my drug of choice (Pinterest) and pinned inspirational ideas for the room. I discovered that I loved the look of over-sized mirrors above the side tables, I wanted the side tables to match, and the wall above the bed just looked boring, so it needed some uplifting.

For the mirrors, I looked EVERYWHERE for a deal. I searched & searched and it seemed like I was not EVER going to find large mirrors in my price range, much less matching ones. I found some decently priced mirrors on, but when I received them, they were MUCH smaller than I figured they would be…maybe the size of a standard piece of printer paper. It wasn’t working for above nightstands. It wasn’t the WOW factor for which I was looking. So, back to the drawing board.

I gave them a place within a grouping above a new seating area in the bedroom between two windows. In the grouping was a photograph as well as a copy of the reading a friend of ours read during our wedding ceremony. I also found a piece of ironwork at Kirkland’s that was intended to be used for above a bed, but I thought it fit nicely above the seating area. It was my lucky day, because when I walked into Kirkland’s they happened to be having a sale on that item for one day only. I scored it for $20.


I came across an old sewing table in my thrifting that no longer housed a sewing machine. They only wanted $20 for it, so I picked it up in hopes of using it somewhere in my redecorating.


The hub added a shelf to the bottom, I sprayed it with black paint, and painted the top a mustard yellow to match our comforter.


I also had a nightstand that was a similar height to the sewing table, it just needed some TLC. The finish on the top was poor quality. I spilled an ICEE on it once years ago, cleaned it up quickly, and it still made the finish peel up and flake off. So, we sanded the top and I painted it the same mustard color to match the other table.



At the same time I found the sewing table, I spotted two matching lamps that were $6 each including the shade. I spray painted the gold base oil rubbed bronze, and added a raffia bow & some burlap trim to the shade to add interest.


When I was browsing Pinterest, I saw where people would hang curtains from a curtain rod behind the bed, and I really liked the effect it had on the room. It created a since of softness and comfort. So, I imitated it with some extra sheers I had. I affixed some cup hooks to the wall at the desired tie-back height, and used old faux pearl necklaces as tie-backs. I then hung some artwork in the opening of the curtains with a sign I painted that said “Loved you yesterday, Love you Still, Always Have, Always Will” to add to the romantic feel.

I loved that it was all slowly coming together.

Still on the hunt for mirrors, I was getting very frustrated. I kept visiting the local Habitat for Humanity Restore once a week for at least a month crossing my fingers for new arrivals. The frequenting paid off, when outside the front door was a stack of about 12 matching large mirrors! If I was at all agile, I might have done a back flip at that moment. And they were only $25 each! Talk about a steal!

I would say that below is the “finished product,” but the product is never finished. I take away and add to quite often. So, I will just say this is what it looks like for now. Not a crazy transformation, but it does give us the sense of relaxation and it amped up the wow factor for us quite a bit from where it was before.

We LOVE the mirrors. Not only does it make the room look larger and feel more regal, but the light from the lamps bounces off of them and reflects beautifully. It adds a great sense of ambiance and makes the room feel a lot more masterful.



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