Mirror, Mirror, (Please Stay) on the Wall

I really wanted a big, gorgeous, mirror in our master bathroom to give it that degree of luxury that master ensuites should have. I don’t know if you’ve ever shopped for mirrors, but they’re quite pricey. The larger they get, the larger their price tags, as well (obviously).

Well, being frugal like I am, I was not about to spend that amount of money on a mirror. Off to pinterest I went. I knew there had to be a cheaper way that would give me the same result I wanted. I didn’t mind doing some work if that meant saving my wallet. I found a lot of great tutorials about DIY mirror framing and it seemed pretty fool-proof. The husband and I decided to try it.

We were going for a rustic look to match our bedroom. We decided on real wood “planks” so we could stain them, see all the grains & knots and keep the natural look. Along with the wood, we got some hinged hardware to mount on the corners of the frame and some screws to attach to them. It was all sounding great…in theory.

We did not have a miter saw at this point in time, so cutting 45 degree angles wasn’t something we were going to attempt. I saw one design that just left the boards straight without any angled cuts. I liked that look because it kind of went with our theme, so we ran with it.

I couldn’t find oil rubbed bronze hardware, so I sprayed the hinges and screws the color I wanted. I also stained the wood a darker shade. Since our walls were mustard, I figured the darker wood would tone down the color of the room a hair. It is important that you paint the backs of your frame black. This way you can’t see the unfinished side underneath in the reflection of the mirror, once it’s mounted.

After everything we needed was prepped, we started following the tutorials on mounting it to the mirror: “You don’t even have to remove the mirror from the wall. Just attach the frame pieces to the mirror itself with liquid nails adhesive for mirrors and secure it with a little painters tape to keep it in place as it dries…”

Sounds easy enough. Let’s try it. Uh, no…we are huge fools. This was a disaster. It was a mess. Not because the people on Pinterest were liars, but because we didn’t think about the fact that we are using real heavy wood boards…not light trim pieces like they seemed to be. 

We thought it would be easy to assemble all the pieces of the mirror, load the back up with liquid nails, and stick it up there with the aid of painters tape. It started falling down…leaving all of its gooey adhesive in its path. I was holding one side up, my husband on the other, screaming and yelling on the verge of all out war. We were thinking “well, maybe if we hold it in place for a few minutes, it will get a little grip and then hang on its own. That’s what the other people did – so they said!” Well, we stood there for at least five minutes with our arms sprawled out holding down every inch of the frame that we could – keeping it firm against the mirror. Arms falling asleep. Frustration heightening. We let go…and it slowly slipped down the mirror again. Our efforts were for nothing.

Frustrated and taking our failed attempts out on each other, we took the frame off the wall. We stared at the goo-filled mirror and thought, “What the hell did we do?”

We walked away from it and left it lying in the middle of the bedroom floor. Then we brainstormed. We really didn’t want to have to take the mirror off the wall, but it seemed that would be our only choice. I cleaned all the gunk off with a razor blade and some nail polish remover so we were left with a clean slate. Luckily, it got rid of all evidence of our defeat.

The hubby removed the mirror and we put in on the floor. We repeated the process of coating it with the adhesive and sticking the frame, this time in four pieces, to the mirror again (no painter’s tape required). We let it sit there for a full two days, just to ensure that the whole fiasco would not happen again. It was probably dry after the first 24 hours, but we weren’t taking any chances.

Biting our nails, we hung it back on the wall, hoping that it would stay in place for at least one day. If that big thing fell, we were in for decades of bad luck, not just seven years.

But, IT WORKED! It’s been almost a year, and it is still hanging! That’s a good sign! 🙂

It really added a touch of class to the bathroom. It was a really great and inexpensive addition. Total cost: maybe $25 with hardware and adhesive.


Painted Hardware, Back (painted) Frame Pieces, Front (stained) Frame Pieces, Frame Fully Assembled, Frame Drying on the Floor, Frame on the Wall (finally)

And here is the finished product!



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